Color Configuration
color = {Red, Green, Blue, Alpha}
color = {true, Multiplier, Alpha}
  • Red, Green, Blue: Intensity of each major color.
  • true: Not a boolean value. If the first entry in a color's setting is true, EventHorizon will color it by class instead of a specific color.
  • Multiplier: number = Multiply the values of the class color by this amount.
  • Alpha: Opacity of the bar.

0 = None
1 = Full
Decimals and math are fully permitted.
Entries in the color table may be freely class-colored.

EventHorizon uses a unique coloring system. As with all other coloring options, you may specify a color directly by setting color = {Red, Green, Blue, Alpha}.

In addition to that, the color table has the added benefit of being able to automatically color anything within it by your character's class. To do this, use color = {true, Multiplier, Alpha} instead. The Multiplier setting allows a class color to be darkened or brightened - For example, a Priest's class color is {1, 1, 1}. If the multiplier is set to 0.7, the color displayed by EventHorizon is {0.7, 0.7, 0.7}.

Due to differences in visibility between solid colors and textures, alpha (opacity) values for some color table entries are affected by config.texturealphamultiplier (TAM). The TAM setting multiplies a color's alpha value in order to lessen that difference.


local Priest = UnitClass('player') == 'PRIEST'

1. color = {1, 0, 0, 0.3}
2. color = {true, 1, 1}
3. color = {true, 0.5, 0.3}
4. color = {true, Priest and 0.7 or 1, 0.3}

The first line checks if you're character is a Priest. This is used in the default config.lua.
These examples assume that config.texturealphamultiplier is set to 2.
  1. Sets a bar's color to red with an opacity of 30% or 60%, depending on the entry.
  2. Class colors a bar, leaves its color alone, fully opaque.
  3. Class colors a bar, darkens it by 50%, and sets its opacity to 30% or 60% depending on the entry. This is the default for the debuff entry.
  4. Class colors a bar. If playing a Priest, darkens the color to 70% normal. Otherwise, leaves the color alone. 30% or 60% opacity, depending on the entry. This is the default for your buffs and debuffs. Doing things like this requires some lua knowledge, and is likely to be changed.

Other information

The following color fields are contained within config.lua:

  • sent: Color of the marker line when a spellcast is sent to the server (not when it's actually used). Versions of EventHorizon prior to v1.9 use this instead of castLine for the end-of-cast line's color.
  • tick: Color of the tick markers shown above damage/heal-over-time spell bars.
  • casting: Color of the cast bars.
  • castLine: Color of the vertical end-of-cast lines.
  • cooldown: Color of the cooldown bars.
  • debuffmine: Color of your debuff bars.
  • debuff: Color of debuffs cast by other players.
  • playerbuff: Color of your buff bars.
  • nowLine: Color of the 'now' line.
  • bgcolor: Color of the main window's backdrop, if used.
  • bordercolor: Color of the backdrop's border, if used.
  • gcdColor: Color of the global cooldown line.

The following entries use solid colors or have differing usage and are not affected by config.texturealphamultiplier:

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