config.inset = {top = number, bottom = number, left = number, right = number}

This setting shrinks the visible backdrop texture to fit a given border, preventing the background from extending beyond the border's edges. As every border texture is different, it's generally recommended to start with insets of 1/4 of config.edgesize and adjust from there if it doesn't look right. Positive values will shrink the background, while negative values will expand it. This does not move the border.
  • number: Pixels to shrink or expand the background texture.


config.inset = {top = 2, bottom = 2, left = 2, right = 2}
config.inset = {top = 4, bottom = 4, left = -4, right = -4}

The first example shrinks the background by 2 pixels in each direction.
The second example shrinks the background by 4 pixels from the top and bottom, and expands it by 4 pixels from the left and right edges.
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