config.Lines = number
config.Lines = {number,number,number,...}

Lines places additional vertical lines along EventHorizon's bars at specified positions. For example, a Warrior or Hunter may add a line at 1.5 seconds to plan out what to do on the next global cooldown, and a Rogue or Druid may add lines at 3 and 5 seconds to help with energy management.

You are free to add as many lines as you like. Lines may appear outside the window borders if you add them too far into the future, however.

Note: Due to how WoW draws graphics, some lines may appear thicker than others. To remedy this, add or subtract 0.01 seconds to the offending line until it looks right.

  • number: Number of seconds in the future to place a line or lines at.


1. config.Lines = false
2. config.Lines = 3
3. config.Lines = {1, 2, 3}
  1. Does not add any additional lines to the window.
  2. Adds a single line 3 seconds past the 'now' line.
  3. Adds lines at 1, 2, and 3 seconds past the 'now' line.
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