List of Options

This page provides short descriptions of each option available in config.lua and myconfig.lua. Further description, usage instructions, and examples are provided within each link.

config.lua contains three tables: EventHorizon.config, EventHorizon.colors, and EventHorizon.layouts.



  • anchor: Changes the position of the main EventHorizon window.
  • past: Changes the period of time shown within the past section.
  • future: Changes the period of time shown within the future section.
  • staticheight: Forces the EventHorizon window to remain the same size no matter how many bars are shown.
  • scale: Directly scales the EventHorizon window and its bars. Useful for very large or very small screens.


  • height: Height of a single bar. Also has several other effects.
  • width: Width of the bars. Note that this does not include the area used by the bar icons.
  • spacing: Separation between each bar.
  • texturedbars: Specifies whether bars are shown using a given texture, or a solid color.
  • bartexture: Sets the texture of the bars.
  • texturealphamultiplier: Lessens the difference in opacity between bars and solid colors.
  • barbgcolor: Sets a color for individual bar backgrounds.


Backdrop and Border

  • backdrop: Tells EH that it should use the backdrop and border settings below.
  • bg: Sets the file to be used for the window's backdrop.
  • border: Sets the file for the backdrop's border.
  • padding: Adjusts the extra space between the border and the window's edges.
  • edgeSize: Adjusts the thickness of the border.
  • inset: Adjusts the size of the backdrop area to account for different border files and sizes.



  • Lines: Places additional vertical lines at specific times on the main window.
  • LinesColor: Adjusts the color of the additional lines.


This table contains color information for each type of bar and indicator that EventHorizon displays. Note that color configuration outside of this table does not support class coloring, usually due to technical limitations.


  • sent: Color of the marker line when a spellcast is sent to the server (not when it's actually used).
  • tick: Color of the tick markers shown above damage/heal-over-time spell bars.
  • casting: Color of the cast bars.
  • castLine: Color of the vertical end-of-cast lines.
  • cooldown: Color of the cooldown bars.
  • debuffmine: Color of your debuff bars.
  • debuff: Color of debuffs cast by other players.
  • playerbuff: Color of your buff bars.
  • nowLine: Color of the 'now' line.
  • bgcolor: Color of the main window's backdrop, if used.
  • bordercolor: Color of the backdrop's border, if used.
  • gcdColor: Color of the global cooldown line.


This table adjusts the size and position of the various indicators shown within a spell's bar. For example, you can use this to change the tick markers to display along the full height of a spell's bar instead of above it.

Bar layout

  • tick: Size and position of the tick markers.
  • smalldebuff: Size and position of the recast line.
  • cantcast: Size and position of the invisible area when a recast line is shown.
  • default: Size and position of all other types of indicators.
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